This project will be created for and by participants.

24 and None is for youth and young adults ages 14-26 who have personally experienced the juvenile justice system or who are interested in transforming the juvenile justice system and dismantling the prison industrial complex. With the guidance of the Project Coordinator, participant-members will engage in a cohort-style model to learn about systems of power and oppression, the fight for and the interconnectedness of racial equity in fights around justice reform, and gain skills to launch and run an effective campaign/movement.

Participants can expect:

  1. Skill Building

    • Public Speaking

    • Social Media Marketing / Basic Graphic Design Skills

    • Strategy Skills

    • Transformative Justice Framework and Practice

  2. Political Education

    • Materials, including Power points, short articles and videos that explain concepts like systemic racism, capitalism, and the call for abolition across the country and the world.

  3. Advocacy

    • Building a campaign that seeks to push major reform in areas determined by the group

  4. Community Building

    • Engage in a cohort-style model with young people from across the state.

    • Opportunities to engage with community members from various sectors and organizations from Maryland and the surrounding region.

    • Guest Speakers from across the country